Lorraine viewers in hysterics as sex therapist Dr Ruth candidly discusses orgasms on breakfast show

LORRAINE fans were left shocked this morning when Dr Ruth Westheimer candidly discussed orgasms on the ITV breakfast show.

The 91-year-old sex therapist is famed for her no-nonsense attitude when it comes to talking about sex, and didn't hold back during an appearance on the programme earlier today.

The star was discussing her upcoming documentary with host Lorraine Kelly, 59, and it wasn't long before the chat turned saucy.

Speaking to the presenter, Dr Ruth said: "Things have changed, people are a little bit more sexually knowledgeable.

"I get less questions now about women not being able to have sexual satisfaction, or men who c*m faster than they want to."

While Lorraine chuckled, the German doctor added: "I am very careful how I talk, it is a morning show."

Lorraine reassured her guest, saying: "No, it's okay, you can say whatever you like."

She continued: "You were saying you're not asked so much about things like orgasms…"

Dr Ruth interrupted, gasping: "You said it first!

"You've said the word orgasm now!"

Needless to say, viewers at home were tickled by the exchange as they confessed they couldn't quite believe what they had just heard.

Flocking to social media, one fan tweeted: "Dr Ruth just used the word 'c*m' on Lorraine. What a legend."

Another laughed: "Hehe, an old woman said c*m."

A third remarked: "Dr Ruth just said c*m on Lorraine #DayMade".

One viewer wrote: "'Men who come faster than they want to.'

"It’s a family show, Dr Ruth."

Others loved Dr Ruth's healthy attitude towards sex, with one fan tweeting: "WOW – what an inspirational lady, Dr Ruth on Lorraine – was anyone else bowled over by her?

"I hope that I have half her energy and charisma at 91! "

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