Love Island Australia has landed on UK screens, but fans of the British series are hesitant to tune in.

Why, you ask? Well, because it’s “hardcore”, “brutal”, and “bitchier” and “better” than the British version.

And that means people are afraid to get hooked on all the drama:

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Me: I’m so glad I can get my life back now Love Island’s over. Also me: What’s that you say?? #LoveIslandAU started tonight?? *watches it every night and becomes obsessed*.”

“Please nobody let me get into #LoveIslandAU or i will not pass my GCSEs,” another joked.

A third shared: “If you think I’m gonna get emotionally invested in this series then you’re totally right please don’t contact me after 11pm #LoveIslandAU.”

“So Erin is clearly the psycho of #LoveIslandAU,” tweeted one, as someone else stated: “They are hardcore on #LoveIslandAU.”

“For anyone else in the UK right now watching #LoveIslandAustralia and wondering if it will be better than ours, BELIEVE ME!! It bloody is, you’ll see a fight going down in a few weeks, a guy gets in a girls face, the shit hits the fan!! #LoveIslandAU,” shared another.

If you’re not convinced that Love Island Down Under will have the same appeal as is its UK counterpart, think again – because not only has it aired a mass brawl between the contestants, there has also been a celebrity in the villa.

Love Island Australia airs on 9Go in Australia and on ITVBe in the UK.

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