Love Island hots up as Rebecca and Connagh snog and Sophie and Connor fumble under the covers – The Sun

THE temperature on Love Island rocketed on Wednesday night with couples kissing all over the place – and Sophie Piper and Connor Durman sharing an intimate moment under the duvet.

Reunited at last, the pair were shown moving under the covers, with fans tweeting: "What’s sophie and connor doing in bed then?"

And there was plenty of passion between some of the villa's newest couples too, with Rebecca Gormley snogging Connagh Howard moments after we saw her being rejected by Callum Jones.

The pair shared a super-flirty exchange, with him telling the 21-year-old model: "When you first came in, I didn’t think you’d be interested in me at all, to be honest."

She replied: "Really? You tick every box for me."

After that, all it took was for him to say: "I think you're proper fit" and the pair were hooking up on one of the day beds outside.

Many fans thought they made a good couple, with one writing: "Rebecca and Connagh kissing makes sense."

Not everyone was impressed, though, with another tweeting: "Did no one else see rebecca literally licking the inside of connagh with a G’s mouth?? why was her tongue out so much??"

Elsewhere, Callum and Shaughna Phillips were shown kissing in bed – before the London girl put a stop to his wandering eye.

It had looked as if the 23-year-old scaffolder might be about to abandon her for Rebecca but Shaughna got him to let her down with a speech she helped write.

Some viewers were outraged, with one tweeting: "Shaughna, controlling much. Not good. Feel sorry for Callum."

Elsewhere Finn Tapp and Paige Turley were also shown retreating under their duvet, though many were suspicious that he was leading her on.

One fan tweeted: "Paige is far too good for Finn….. she’s a class act."

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