Love Island's Dani Dyer reveals her parents' "strict" home rules for Jack Fincham

Now that Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham have won Love Island and come back home, they are planning to start house-hunting and move in together.

But until then, Jack will probably be spending some time at the house of his TV hero Danny Dyer and his wife Joanne. But he’s going to have to deal with their ‘strict’ house rules, apparently.

Talking to The Sun, Dani says: “I’m not allowed boys usually in the house. They’re really strict on me.

“He knows what sort of boys I’ve spoken to so he’s like, ‘Dan, I don’t want to know. He ain’t allowed in here’.”

Having said that, she thinks if Jack does take a step out of line, Danny won’t go too hard on him, being a big softie at heart.

She said: “He’ll probably just have a chat with him. My dad ain’t like that. My dad’s a lover not a fighter, he’s a lover.”

Joanne recently revealed that the family have been offered their own reality show, but said that they might do it ‘one day’, due to Danny’s commitments to EastEnders.

And Jack and Dani as a couple have been predicted to earn £750,000 per year, from (what else?) sponsored Instagram posts. Yep, get ready for plenty of that over the next few months.

Love Island returns for a final reunion episode on Sunday, August 5 at 9pm on ITV2.

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