Love Island's Dani Dyer reveals the "hardest thing" to deal with since leaving the show

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham became the nation’s favourite couple during their stint on Love Island, but how are they coping since the show ended?

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning for an exclusive joint TV interview, Jack said: “It’s been lovely. Just doing normal stuff we’ve been looking forward to the whole time we was in there, like going shopping. I loved it!”

Dani revealed the “hardest thing” was the press attention and “getting followed everywhere”.

“They take pictures of you, sometimes you don’t look your best and that’s the hardest thing really,” she explained.

“It is difficult. You walk in [to the villa] as one person and come out and everyone knows you.”

Dani went on to reveal that she only told her showbiz dad Danny Dyer she would be appearing on Love Island at the “last minute”.

“I honestly didn’t think I would go on it,” she began. “It was scary, so scary to put yourself on there.

“I literally mentioned a week and a half before. He had to get up and was like, ‘Oh’, and then he came back down again.”

Dani went on to say her actor dad “didn’t really like it” and failed “to get excited” for his daughter to take the Love Island plunge.

Eventually, the EastEnders star came to terms with the news and got behind his offspring, before finally meeting Jack in person after the show ended.

“They watched us both for two months, so each family knows us both. It’s not like we had to go and introduce ourselves,” explained Jack.

According to Dani, she was “petrified” to meet Jack’s family, but her boyfriend wasn’t so nervous and claimed Danny was “such a nice bloke”.

Dani seemed to think that was purely because he took a shine to the former pen salesman and cautioned: “If he wasn’t happy, you’d know about it.”

Interestingly, the pair still keep up to date with their former Love Island castmates, but Dani is no longer part of the villa WhatsApp group after changing her number.

“Oh, I’m not in that,” she revealed when This Morning host Phillip Schofield asked about the infamous messaging group.

“Well, you changed your number so it knocked you out of it,” continued Jack.

“I don’t like WhatsApp groups,” clarified Dani. “I just don’t understand them. You miss out on so much information. I get bored. I’m just not good on them.”

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