Love Island's Wes Nelson claims that we weren't shown the real beginning of his romance with Megan Barton Hanson

Who could forget the Love Island episode that launched a thousand (angry) tweets and as many memes? The one all about Snog, Marry, Pie? Why no-one, of course.

The episode in which Megan Barton Hanson confessed her feelings for Wes Nelson, who then promptly dumped Laura Anderson, wasn’t actually as fateful as it seemed, though.

Because, according to Wes himself, the beginnings of Wegan and the demise of his relationship with Laura happened a lot earlier than fans were made to believe.

Wes made the admission on yesterday’s (August 6) Loose Women, telling the panel that he and Laura had been “arguing a lot” by the time Megan had told him how she felt.

“I also spoke to Adam prior to speaking to Laura and a couple of other people saying, ‘I do want to end things with Laura’, but none of that made it,” he explained.

“It just looked like a knee-jerk reaction to Megan coming up to me and talking to me and then me going downstairs and finishing things with Laura but it wasn’t like that at all.”

There’s no need to put your tin foil hat on just yet, however, as the show’s narrator Iain Sterling has revealed the reason behind some of the series’ so-called cut scenes.

Asked if any scandalous moments had been omitted from the main show, Iain said: “Well, no, because that would be good television. I find it really funny when there’s this thing about, ‘Oh they left stuff out’.

“I’m like, ‘We’re trying to make a TV show that’s good, and if something’s been left out it’s ‘cos it wasn’t good’.”

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