‘Lucifer’ Season 4: Netflix Discuss Why They Saved The Show While Fox Explain Why It Was Canceled

Fox’s CEO recently explained why they chose to cancel ‘Lucifer’, while Netflix reveal why they decided to save the supernatural drama series.

When Fox decided to cancel the widely popular supernatural drama series Lucifer, there was a huge outcry from fans, leaving many to wonder why the network chose to end the show after the massive cliffhanger that could have been resolved in Season 4 of the show. After all, fans had been waiting three seasons for Detective Chloe Decker, played by Laura German, to finally realize that Tom Ellis’s character Lucifer Morningstar was really and truly Lucifer himself, and that his rhetoric on the subject was actually truthful and sincere.

Months after Lucifer was canceled, Fox Television Group CEO Dana Walden has finally explained why the network decided to drop the show after three series, commenting that the number of viewers just wasn’t high enough to justify bringing Lucifer back for Season 4, according to CBR.

However, Walden did also note that the fact that the drama was owned by an outside studio did not help matters any in terms of economics.

“We had a great time working with that cast and the executive producers of the show. It worked well for us. But as we were going into this season, we looked at the size of the audience, which was starting to get pretty narrow. We just made a determination that given it was owned by an outside studio, at the time we couldn’t justify the economics. It was not an inexpensive show, and we just made a decision that ultimately it wasn’t performing to a broad enough audience in a way that worked for us.”

Thankfully for fans, Netflix realized that fans today binge-watch television shows and that more traditional approaches to measuring viewers can no longer be relied upon, and they resurrected Lucifer and picked up the show, ordering 10 episodes of Season 4.

Vice President of Netflix original content Cindy Holland recently explained the network’s decision to continue the popular drama, noting that they fully understood how attached fans were to the show and that they also wanted the series to continue, as the Daily Express has reported.

“Lucifer is a fantastic show that has really resonated with audiences in parts of the world. We felt it was important for our licensing team to try to help that show continue for our fans.”

Season 4 of Lucifer is set to begin filming sometime this month, with production of the supernatural drama concluding in December so that the show can be aired when 2019 rolls around.

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