Martine McCutcheon urges Love Actually writer Richard Curtis to pen sequel

The former EastEnders actress, 42, says the stars of the show including Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson would be back in a “heartbeat” if the writer decided to do a second movie.

It comes after a short Comic Relief sequel, Red Nose Day Actually, aired in 2017, 13 years after the original.

Speaking at last night’s Bromley Boys premiere, she told the Sun’s Bizarre column: “Who knows? If Richard Curtis does we'll all be there in a heartbeat because we love him.

“I think he feels like he managed to get the best of both worlds with Comic Relief and trying to get everybody in the same place at the same time.

“There's so many big stars in that film. I think he'd look at their schedules and probably put his head in his hands and go, 'Oh how am I going to sort this out?'"

Martine, who played Natalie the secretary and love interest of Hugh Grant's Prime Minister character, added: “But I think he feels like his passion so much is Comic Relief and I think he managed to do the best job that he could interlinking the two.

“I think that was his 'aha' moment with it really.”

The iconic film returned in a ten minute special during Red Nose Day 2017.

It saw Andrew Lincoln's character Mark married to Kate Moss having been rejected by Juliet aka Keira Knightley.

Hugh Grant was again seen dancing on his own as Prime Minister but to Drake’s Hotline Bling.

Bill Nighy's character Billy Mack was then seen during a radio interview talking about today's music, but finally gave an honest answer when asked where his long suffering manager Joe, Gregor Fisher, was.

And Colin Firth's character Jamie was then seen driving his Portuguese wife – and former housekeeper Aurelia, played by Lucia Moniz, – to pick up their three children.

The original flick is a Christmas cult classic and has high viewing figures every December it is repeated.

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