Maya Jama hits back at troll who called her a 's**t' by posting his picture and calling him a 'p***k'

MAYA Jama today hit back at troll who called her a 's**t' on Instagram

The radio presenter, 26, was left fuming after a particularly nasty comment was left by one of her followers.

Seeking revenge, Maya hit back with full force, hurling back an insult by calling him a 'pr**k'.

She even shared one of his Instagram pictures with her 1.9 million followers.

Maya also reposted his "s**t comment on her Instagram Story, writing "I'm childish but…," before posting a screenshot showing where she'd hit back under one of his posts.

She captioned the image of the man, which showed him sitting with a pint of beer with: "If you can't beat 'em."

Maya is not one to take things lightly when it comes to trolls on Instagram.

Last month she had the ultimate sassy reply for one of her followers who said that she had "saggy t**s".

It was after Maya posted a stunning mirror selfie on Instagram.

In the sexy selfie she is wearing a low cut crop top with matching short shorts.

Maya wrote next to the snap: "Wanted to put LL Cool J – Loungin lyrics as the caption but couldn’t ignore this lickle strand I’m forever clinging on to [sic]."

Her fans rushed to compliment her on how good she looks, apart from one troll who called her "saggy".

But Maya didn't let this comment upset her, and instead wrote back: "Lool I'm sorry are yours tucked under your chin or?"

Meanwhile Maya previously revealed she has been sent X-rated snaps on Instagram.

Maya said: “I never used to reply to DMs because I’d be like, I don’t ever want to meet somebody through DMs.

“But obviously, recently I’ve replied to DMs. If somebody’s done a funny meme or a gif, or something like that makes me chuckle, that’s good.

“It always goes through my mind, like, ‘You’ve sent me a picture of your willy. Even if I loved the sight of you, I can’t respond to you now because I’ve just seen your willy’.”

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