Megan Barton-Hanson reveals she thought about suicide at lowest point before Love Island

The 24-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday to mark World Mental Health Day.

Megan – who met boyfriend Wes Nelson on the show – said her feelings of anxiety and depression were "still raw" but she wanted to be open about her struggles with her fans.

She wrote: "It’s funny because a lot of the time it’s the people that appear strongest on the outside that can also be the ones suffering the most on the inside. You just don’t know what they are dealing with on a daily basis.

"It doesn’t seem like that long ago that it took so much just to get the mental strength for me to get out of bed and face the world each morning.
"A lot of People cant get their heads around why if I was so depressed and suffering from anxiety I would go on a reality show. For me it’s was a make or brake moment.

"Id suffered on and off with mental health problems since my teens. At the end of 2017/early 2018 was probably the lowest I’d ever felt.

"There were a few times that I just didn’t want to wake up, I had suicidal thoughts, and had even gone to my mum sobbing about what I should do as I didn’t want to be alive anymore."

Megan revealed her way of coping as "putting on a personal for social media" as well as partying and "buying half of Harrods", but none of it helped.

She continued: "I was sad and lonely with it, my own mind working against me. I did some therapy and that helped me by providing techniques for coping in moments of crisis.

"I’m so lucky that the Love Island opportunity arrived when it did. I didn't realise at the time what the impact of being away from it all in the villa would have on my mental state.

"I thought it would make me famous and I would earn lots of money and that would bring me happiness but actually it was more like a rehab retreat for me stripping everything back and forcing me to see what was most important in my life.

"Meeting people and experiencing them loving me not for the persona I was presenting online gave me strength and made me realise that I need to love myself more."

Megan says the show helped her realise how strong she was and she is happier than she's ever felt in years.

But she added: "I’m far from fixed and still have moments but when I do I let someone know, I talk it through, I tell myself that although in this moment I feel weak it will pass.

"I’ve dropped in and out of therapy and I know I still have lots of work to do but I’m getting stronger. I make a commitment to myself to continue that process.
"A lot of the people who are suffering are the ones that outwardly look like they are having the best time. "Always appearing super happy, strong and stable. So it’s so hard to know what’s going on behind the smile."

Megan then encouraged her followers to ask their friends and loved ones "how are you?" on a regular basis.
She continued: "If you’re suffering today then remember that seeking help isn’t a weakness, it’s the most powerful thing you can do. Just the fact that you exist is amazing in itself.

"Don’t let the world and all of its stresses and pressures ever let you think otherwise. We are all amazing and all need to love ourselves a bit more plus accept that sometimes we need help.

"So I guess I’ll end with asking how are you today? Please try and ask someone you care about the same question. Sending all of you reading this love and strength. Meg."

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