Meghan Markle hires two publicity experts in desperate bid to save her ailing image after embarrassing PR blunders

THE Duchess of Sussex has taken on two new publicity experts in a desperate bid to bolster her ailing image.

Meghan has appointed the US-based pair to head-up an urgently revamped press team following several embarrassing PR blunders.

News of the appointments comes after Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36, were slammed for staging their own pictures in an LA Cemetery for Remembrance Sunday.

A source said: “Meghan is well aware that she and Harry are no longer the golden couple.

“Prince William and Kate can do no wrong now as far as the UK is concerned, whereas she and Harry are seen as a self-interested couple who quit the Royal Family to pursue their own interests.

“Meghan hopes to turn things around and show people how committed to doing good she is, and for them to see a different, more positive side to her.

“Whilst this isn’t crisis management as such, given her popularity ratings right now, it’s not far off.

“She’s taken on two ambitious, smart, career-driven women who have her best interests at heart.”

Widely respected Christine Weil Schirmer has been installed in a newly created head of communications role and Toya Holness has been appointed press secretary.

The couple will continue to employ Hollywood PR firm Sunshine Sachs and their UK-based PR James Holt will report to ex-Pinterest social media executive Christine.

Fittingly, former high school soccer star Toya — previously worked at marketing firm Deluxe — cites 2008 ITV show The Palace as her favourite programme.

Feminist Meghan would no doubt like the fact Toya, who has also worked for a London film PR company, states that her career goal is to “earn more money than her husband”.

The couple have also come in for criticism for repeatedly flying by private jet while spouting on about the need for climate control.

And they have been lecturing the public on global poverty — from the comfort of their £11million Californian mansion.

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