Michael Bay And Paramount Are Creating A Podcast Horror Movie

Based off of a Dutch short, this upcoming feature film will revolve around an evil podcast.

Podcasts are growing in popularity, according to Forbes, and the horror genre has seen a large amount of big hits as of late with Hereditary and the Oscar-winning Get Out. Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, and Paramount are partnering to bring audiences a new experience with a feature-length horror movie about an evil podcast, reports Vulture.

More big name celebrities are getting their toes wet in the podcast industry with various new series and adaptations. Julia Roberts will star in a new podcast-to-television adaptation called Homecoming, and the newest project from Sundance starring Jeanne Tripplehorn, from Criminal Minds, seeks to bring listeners something fairly different. The Sundance creation is a podcast called Exeter, as cited here on the Inquisitr, and will be a short, scripted, mini series and fictional crime podcast.

Meet Jimmy‘s original Dutch short IMDB page lets fans known that the premise is an evil podcast featuring a serial killer.

“What if the podcast you’re listening to can hear you too? Jennifer is enjoying the confessions of a killer when he suddenly starts talking to her.”

Filmmakers David-Jan Bronsgeest and Tim Koomen are helping Bay and Paramount to develop the original Dutch horror short into something longer. Initially Meet Jimmy was only six minutes long and was directed by David-Jan Bronsgeest with Tim Koomen as the writer. Indeed Michael Bay’s upcoming latest horror film may be a challenge. Meet Jimmy will join the ranks with other horror movies that started from small projects, such as David Sandberg’s Lights Out, Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, Andy Muschietti’s Mama, Mike Flanagan’s Oculus, and Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat; all of which were spawned from original, indie horror shorts.

The plot for Bay’s newest creation seems to share some similarities with The Ring, in so much as the story appears to revolve around a cursed form of communication. In The Ring, a cursed video kills its viewers, but in Meet Jimmy, the podcast’s killer, Jimmy TwoFingers, may be doing something similar via podcast to unsuspecting listeners, cites Screen Rant. Reports are going around saying Paramount may be looking to turn Meet Jimmy into a franchise already.

Cast members and stars have not yet been announced on the website for Meet Jimmy, but the original director is listed to be heading the project, along with original the screenwriter. As of now, the release date is unknown.

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