Micky Flanagan reveals secret feud with Matthew McConaughey after grilling star about flashing his todger

MICKY Flanagan has revealed a secret feud with Matthew McConaughey — after repeatedly asking the Hollywood star if he “got his c**k out” while filming Magic Mike.

Cockney comedian Micky, 58, said he kept on, er, pressing the point when they appeared on The Graham Norton Show in 2013.

The film about male strippers had come out the year before.

Micky told Sky One show Peeping Behind The Curtain: “It never got in the show but I said to him, ‘Did you get your c**k out?’ And he went, ‘Ha, ha, ha’.

“I said, ‘No, really Matthew, because it’s quite a big thing for a man to get his c**k out in public’. And he was like, ‘Ha, ha, ha, ha — I don’t want to talk about that’.

“You could see people in the audience saying, ‘You can’t ask Matthew McConaughey if he got his c**k out in a film’.

“But I think that’s the least you would want from a film like that. To go home after all that effort and not to have seen his penis?”

The topic of Magic Mike had been brought up by Anne Hathaway, 38 — a fellow guest on the show along with US actress Lena Dunham, 34.

Matthew, 51, told the audience how he had said “hello” to Micky backstage before filming.

Then, to the comic, he added: “You didn’t say much.”

Micky said on his Sky show: “I could see him looking at me thinking, ‘F***ing b*****d.

"If this was a room with no cameras I would be punching your f***ing head in, you f***ing cockney b*****d’.”

He added: “And that’s why I can never be by Matthew McConaughey on his own anymore. He’s going to take me down.”

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