Mr. Robot's Carly Chaikin Gets Engaged: 'Can't Wait for It to Be Forever'

Mr. Robot star Carly Chaikin is no longer a single lady — and she has the dance to prove it.

Chaikin, 28, is engaged to filmmaker Ryan Bunnell, as E! News first reported. Chaikin, who plays Darlene on the hit drama, posted a video of herself on Instagram dancing to Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” and flashing her engagement ring.

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Chaikin gave fans a closer view of her gorgeous sparkler in a sweet photo of the couple dining alongside the ocean.

“If he had asked me one week in I would’ve said yes,” Chaikin captioned the snapshot. “But I’ve gotten to be with this man for almost 5 years and can’t wait for it to be forever.”

Her joy continued on her Instagram Story, in which she teased her fiancé as he stretched.

“This is what I want for the rest of my life,” she gushed. As she showed Bunnell, the television and the ring, she added, “This, this and this.”

In April, when The New York Times asked what makes her happiest, Chaikin replied, “Art, painting, puzzling. My boyfriend.”

Before Chaikin’s solo art exhibit of her paintings in West Hollywood, she told The Hollywood Reporter that a skull painting that she’d created was meant for Bunnell.

She said of her artistic process, “As I’ve gotten older and in life, I’ve started to gravitate and painting things that are more detailed and intricate and spending time on it.”

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Chaikin has celebrity fans cheering her on. In February, Spencer Pratt told PEOPLE Now that he was thrilled when he bumped into her. “Last time I was starstruck was the other day at Sugarfish. I ran into Carly,” Pratt explained. “She should win an Emmy. Incredible actress. And I gave her a crystal and interrupted her sushi lunch, and I said, ‘This is supposed to be for you.’”

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