NCIS’ Michael Weatherly sparks Tony return rumours with Gibbs clue: ‘NCIS dream’

NCIS's Michael Weatherly wishes his fans Happy Thanksgiving

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NCIS made its highly-anticipated return to CBS with season 19 in November and it looks as though another familiar face could be making a huge comeback. After his emotional exit in season 13, actor Michael Weatherly could be reprising his role as the beloved Tony DiNozzo.

Michael sparked these rumours on social media after tweeting a selfie of his character, captioned: “This guy woke me up this morning.”

“Then I realized it was still a dream. He wouldn’t stop talking about Gibbs and his shoulder holster,” he continued.

As well as Tony’s return, Michael also hinted at Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) making a huge comeback – despite saying goodbye at the beginning of season 19.

Perhaps viewers could see both Gibbs and Tony make a surprise appearance as the series continues.

As their departures were both emotional for fans, the CBS streamers would be elated to see them do what they do best and solve more intense criminal cases.

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo left the team in 2016 after the death of Ziva David (Cote De Pablo).

The two first appeared on screens in season three and after their intense and banter-filled flirtation, they became fan favourites and were dubbed ‘Tiva’ by fans.

Throughout the series, they got into a complicated relationship and by season seven they went through a huge breakup, which was followed by Ziva being taken captive and presumed dead.

It wasn’t until season 13 did Tony discover after she was seemingly killed by the Mossad, Ziva had given birth to their child, Tali.

It was a secret she had kept to avoid potentially further complicating their relationship.

However, after the shock announcement of her death, Tony made the decision to step away from the team and step into fatherhood after her killer had been taken out.

While the team were understanding about his decision, his exit remained one of the most devastating for fans.

In a 2016 interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Michael revealed he felt ready to move on after 13 years on NCIS.

He confessed to feeling burned out as one of the lead stars on a hit show, which came with a taxing schedule of 22 episodes a season.

The actor stated: “It really felt like a circle that had gone all the way around and I really felt happy with the resolution of the character and my time on the show.”

However, this most recent hint also sparked a huge reaction with fans who are excited to see him back on the procedural drama.

In the comments, Maria wrote: “I’d kill to have some Tony and Ziva action back on, can we make this a thing again please.”

While Dovey2316 asked: “Please tell me that it sounds like you’re coming back to the show.”

Michael had previously sparked return rumours by sharing a behind the scene snap of himself in front of a camera, with the caption: “#NCIS camera is king.”

As his character wasn’t killed off, the actor had revealed he would be open to anything at NCIS.

NCIS season 19 returns to CBS January 3, 2022.

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