Neighbours legend Toadie Rebecchi has been left unsettled by the most worrying sign yet that Hospital Dee is obsessed with him.

Wednesday’s episode of the Aussie soap (August 1) saw Toadie receive yet another phone call from the psychiatric facility that’s currently treating Andrea Somers. (Well, everyone assumes it’s Andrea, anyway.)

Toadie was alarmed to hear that “Andrea” has been asking to speak to him again following his latest visit.

In fact, “Andrea” is so determined to hear from Toadie that she’s even vowed to go on a hunger strike until she gets her way.

Toadie told his wife Sonya today: “Andrea is begging to see me and she refuses to eat until I come.

“If worse comes to worse, they can put a drip in and force-feed her, but the doctor thought it might be helpful if I spoke to her on the phone.”

The latest threats from “Andrea” aren’t working on Toadie, though, as he added: “I told him that we were happy to pay for her continuing treatment, but there is to be no more communication.”

Could that mean no more “Special Appearances” from Madeleine West for a while?

Toadie’s tough decision was shown alongside more scenes revealing that Hospital Dee is in total despair, even trashing her room at the facility.

Has “Andrea” lost her grip on reality so much that she truly believes she’s Dee? Or is this the real Dee, struggling as nobody believes who she really is?

Tomorrow’s episode looks set to provide another clue, as Toadie confronts Sindi Watts over Hospital Dee’s “truth or dare” remark. Did Sindi ever tell Andrea Somers about his first kiss with Dee?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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