Netflix A Fall From Grace fans in hysterics over major blunders in diner scene

Last week, Netflix dropped new psychological thriller, A Fall From Grace – created by Tyler Perry.

The movie tells the tale of Grace Waters (Crystal Fox), a successful older woman, who finds love again with a much younger man, following her marriage ending due to her husband's infidelity.

But Grace's new romance with Shannon (Mehcad Brooks) ends in disaster, when she is indicted for his murder.

The pair's love story is played out on the screen, seeing them go on a number of dates, including one to a diner.

But while the pair's sexual chemistry heats up, as they get to know each other better over a glass of wine, some viewers were distracted by what the acting extras are doing in the scene, as opposed to the two principal actors.

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One man is filmed pretending to gulp down a drink of water, despite the glass being completely empty.

He later pretends to pick up some food with his fork, before chewing the invisible meal in full-view of the camera.

The male extra then spends a good four seconds simply staring at the camera, as Grace and Shannon's romance intensifies.

A female extra, wearing a string of pearls is also filmed seemingly pretending to eat food.

And this wasn't the only scene where there were apparent notable blunders, another sees a character receive a text message, however, the phone shows a screenshot of a notification.

While praising the gripping thriller online, fans have also take to Twitter to mock the multiple blunders.

One social networker said: "Lord… the Diner scene in #AFallFromGrace has me on the floor. I was honestly more interested in the extras."

While another continued: "The extras in this diner scene are amazing."

A third added: "I’m crying laughing. The background ppl at the diner looking the camera dead in the eyes now this."

A Fall From Grace is now available to stream on Netflix

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