Noah Centineo Shannon Purser Connection, On-Screen Chemistry

Noah Centineo is currently the Internet’s #1 bae, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere any time soon.

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star is totally adorable both on screen and off. His eyes, his smile, his charm… it’s no wonder why all of Twitter is thirsting after him! Even Lana Condor said that the chemistry between her and her fake boyfriend was off the charts. But now it’s Noah’s turn to gush about his co-star… and it’s not Lana!

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 22-year-old hottie got the chance to talk about his next Netflix rom-com, Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and he had nothing but sweet words to say about his on-screen love interest, Shannon Purser.


“She’s just this real person,” he said. “She’s present; she’s with you when you’re with her. And that’s something you don’t really find in a lot of people. Sometimes they’re here, but they’re, like, distant.”

Noah recalled the long days spent filming scenes with Shannon, and he said their connection on camera wasn’t acting at all.

“I remember the phone conversations,” he said. “We were both on other ends of the phone, and I was just in a different room. And it wasn’t even acting. You’re sitting there talking, and it’s like, someone you have a true connection with. She’s just so available to that and open to that, and I feel blessed to work with her.”

Umm, we’re blushing just reading that! But when you have to talk to someone on the phone for hours, you’re bound to form a connection with that person. And Noah said that’s really what the movie is all about.

“I think there’s a great message [in Sierra Burgess] as far as, like, even in this cyber stage of social interaction where it’s just all technology, you can still have some level of intimacy over the phone. The idea was we talked for hours and hours and hours on the phone, and that’s when we got to know each other. That’s when we fell in love.”

So, was that last sentence referring to he and Shannon’s characters or their real-life selves? Either way, we ship it!

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