Did you notice the mysterious P that flashed up on Love Island last night? We reveal what it means

Some fans were baffled when they saw it on their TVs and demanded to know what it meant.

The mysterious P appeared during the second part of Love Island last night before newly-single Jack sat down for a chat with Grace.

They were talking about Jack's doomed romance with Laura while sitting outdoors and eagle-eyed viewers spotted a stack of sun cream behind him.

If you were confused by it all you're not alone, as a recent report revealed that 90 per cent of Brits are clueless about the letter.

One per cent of the public thought it meant parking, while two per cent thought it symbolised a pay point.

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It's the first time the letter had popped up on screen since the episode where Dani was left in tears after seeing Jack talking to his ex Ellie, so it's not surprising people were confused.

But we can confirm that the P in the corner of your TV screen was actually to show that a product was being advertised on screen.

The letter appeared when a bottle of sun cream, from Superdrug, the show's sponsor, came into shot.

Although some viewers were baffled, others understood the meaning instantly, with one fan writing: "Some very tactical product placement… @LoveIsland @superdrug #loveisland."

Another wrote: ""Subtle" product placement there Superdrug #LoveIsland."

A third joked that the suncream stack has come a little too late as poor Dr. Alex is already burnt.

They wrote: "Worst product placement there.

"Dr Alex has burnt to a crisp there's no going back #loveisland."

We can reveal the P is flashed moments beforehand to warn viewers that they're about to see some subtle advertising.

The Ps have been seen throughout out the series and often come before moments in the garden when the contestants' suncream is on show.

Fans have also spotted them ahead of shots of perfectly placed bottles of face wash and shower gel in the bathroom.

There are also Ps that flash up before they get a text and hold up their Samsung phones.

The use of the warning is part of a carefully structured plan that allows Love Island bosses to carefully manage how products are plugged throughout the series.

Many fans also noticed the absence of branding in many scenes, including Josh's date with Kaz when they popped a bottle of Champagne.

It was clear that the label had been torn off the bottle to avoid any issues with the drinks company and advertising regulations.


A previous report by the Guardian revealed that 90% of adults don't know what the P symbol stands for.

A survey by Populus suggested 1% thought the P was related to parking, 2% thought it was some sort of pay point, and 1% thought it was connected to online payment company Paypal.

Only 9% of those surveyed correctly identified the symbol as a warning of product placement on TV.

The symbol was introduced by Ofcom in 2011 and it's the warning logo to be used on British TV since Channel 4 put a red triangle on racy material in 1986.


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