This article contains huge spoilers for season six of Orange Is the New Black.

Orange Is the New Black fans got the wedding they’d been waiting for in the season six finale, as Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) and Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) finally tied the knot.

Now the two actresses have opened up about the big moment and its significance for the Netflix series.

The show has always been ahead of the game with regards to LGBTQ+ representation on television, so it when it came to Alex and Piper’s big day, it was just a natural continuation of the two characters’ storyline.

“It feels like we’ve already come to a place where gay marriage is no longer a political statement,” Schilling told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Where it’s a fact of life for many people and that there are now much more vulnerable populations and other members of the LGBTQ community, like the transgender community, that need to be made visible and have their voices amplified.

“So while, on some level it’s always the case, the beauty of it is that, to me, it seemed less like a political statement and more of just a continuation of the storyline — which is probably in and of itself the biggest political statement that can be made.”

Echoing her co-stars comments, Prepon added: “When we were doing the wedding scene, we didn’t feel like it was making any sort of statement, and it shouldn’t be.

“It was a scene about two people who love each other getting married, and that’s what’s so great.”

The characters’ futures are now uncertain, after Piper was granted early release after her big day, but Schilling is confident their love will survive the separation and still be going strong in season seven.

“I think that’s the love of her life,” Schilling said. “I’m not quite sure what that means all the time, but I think there comes a point in life to either commit to partnership or to not,” she said.

“Either one is totally valid, but it seems to me that Piper decided to commit to a life lived in tandem with Alex and to just work through the stuff with another human.”

Orange Is the New Black season 6 is available to watch on Netflix now.

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