‘OutDaughtered’ Star Bites Back At Online Trolls

Fans are taking the TLC couple to task for their latest family drama and “fake” filmed scenes.

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby clapped back at internet trolls after some of their comments went way too far after the series latest episode aired, speaking poorly not only against Adam Busby but his wife Danielle as well.

The TLC star couldn’t believe the negativity he experienced after reading some of the social media comments posted to the show’s official Facebook page after the network posted a promo for the series’ August 28 episode.

When the Busby patriarch went to the show’s official FB page to see which video the network shared to promote the show, he was stunned at all the awful comments fans of the series made about himself and wife Danielle.

“I made the mistake of going on TLC’s promo page to see what they were running to show the episode and oh my gosh, the comments,” he remarked in a video published by In Touch.

“We’re pretty used to people commenting and speculating and critiquing our life I mean, we’re in the public eye. But man, this just brings it to a whole new level. The negativity, jeez.”

Some of the fan comments were pretty brutal towards the couple.

“Shame on you Busby parents for selling yourselves out [and] going along with this crap,” one fan wrote.

Another fan of the series posted, “Danielle is too calm…If Adam didn’t follow up with his Dr. for something like the vasectomy she should have been screaming!”

Still, another remarked, “Why does the whole world need to know about your sex life, vasectomy, missed period? Isn’t any of that ‘personal’ stuff…personal and private anymore?”

Fans also commented on what they felt was the “scripted” feel of the show, that the filmed scenes with the quints were too perfect. Many also feel that life with that many children can’t be that wonderful that there has to be some real drama that comes along with parenting that many children.

Watchers of the show took the network to task after TLC recently posted a video of stars Adam and Danielle Busby discussing his vasectomy, and several eagle-eyed watchers pointed out a noticeable issue with Danielle’s hands, as reported by In Touch.

In the first few seconds of the promo, Danielle has a full manicure. In the second shot of the sequence, the couple is in the same spot on the sofa, wearing the same clothes, but Danielle isn’t wearing any nail polish.

Also at the beginning of the couple’s conversation, Danielle is wearing slippers and by the end of their talk, she’s wearing black socks.

The objects that were seen on the table behind the couple change dramatically as well.

TLC has not commented on whether or not the show’s more dramatic scenes are filmed out of sequence or in one long shot.

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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