‘OutDaughtered’ Star’s Sweet Surprise For Spouse

How did the TLC star pull off the shocker?

One of the stars of the TLC hit, OutDaughtered, is planning a sweet surprise for their spouse; that’s if the littlest members of the Busby clan can keep the big secret.

The latest season of the series that focuses on Adam and Danielle Busby’s lives, as they navigate parenting six daughters, has the couple handling not only their oldest daughter, Blayke, growing up, but the evolution of their quints, Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige. The family has dealt with the frustration Blayke feels with the family’s focus on her younger siblings, the fear of the babies not all maturing at the same rate and, most of all, the fear all parents have that, despite their best efforts, they are just not doing enough for their children.

Romper reported that the stress is ramping up for the couple in a new clip from an upcoming episode, in which Adam Busby decides to plan something nice for his overworked wife.

The details of the surprise aren’t explained in full, but Adam tries to get the quints on board for the big reveal.

In the episode, which was filmed during Christmas 2017, Danielle is attempting to figure out how to handle the holiday craziness, celebrate her December 23 birthday and make sure that she and Adam make time for themselves in the midst of it all.

While Danielle wanted to celebrate a holiday tradition on her side of the family, Cajun Christmas, Adam was hesitant because it might wreak havoc on the quints’ schedule. This upset Danielle, who wanted the kids to experience a new type of holiday celebration.


In the clip, Danielle is seen ready to attend to the family’s fitness studio, Rush Cycle. Before she headed out the door, Adam asked how she was feeling and Danielle says that she was feeling better, but that she was still trying to get some energy back. As soon as she was gone, Adam reveals his plan: “She’s gonna be gone for a little while, which is perfect because it gives me just enough time to set up for her surprise.”

“It’s like there’s no sense of joy in the house right now,” Adam continued. “So I just really hope that what I have planned is gonna cheer [Danielle] up.”

Back in the playroom, Adam attempted to explain to his brood what a surprise party was. He told them that when their mom came home they should jump up and shout, “Surprise!” Although it’s not yet revealed what the big surprise is yet for Danielle Busby, you can tune in to the new season of OutDaughtered on TLC to find out.

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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