Outlander Jamie ghost theories: Did Claire time travel back to stop Jamie Fraser’s death?

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How Jamie Fraser’s (played by Sam Heughan) ghost appeared in the opening episode of Outlander has been one of the show’s biggest mysteries so far. But a new theory might have revealed why he appeared then as well as how he impacted Claire Randall’s (Caitriona Balfe) travel back to the 18th century – here’s what you need to know.

Did Claire time travel back to stop Jamie Fraser’s death?

In the first episode of Outlander, fans will remember how a ghostly figure appeared outside of Claire’s window.

He was spotted by Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) but when he went to confront him, the figure disappeared.

While viewers do not see the ghost, it has since been confirmed it was Claire’s future love Jamie.

Then, the very next day, Claire travels through the stones at Craigh na Dun and is sent back to the 1700s.

So far in the show and the books, there has been no correlation drawn between the two events.

As well as this, both of these moments still have a lot of unresolved questions about them.

However, a new fan theory has speculated how they might actually be interconnected.

Posting on Reddit, fan Ksuri422 came up with the idea the ghost appeared to Claire to send her back to the past.

And the reason for this was to save Jamie’s life who had already been badly injured.

They wrote: “I think Jamie died the day that Claire arrived in the 18th century.

“That’s why we saw his ghost as the same age that he was at that time, hairstyle and all.

“He died because he could not defend himself with that dislocated shoulder.”

As viewers will remember, one of the first things Claire does in her new time is to set Jamie’s shoulder after he falls off his horse.


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The fan continued: “When Claire and Frank come to Scotland on the day that ghosts get to roam the earth, Jaime’s ghost comes to see the caring, beautiful and highly skilled healer of soldiers, (including Scots).

“He summoned her back in time to a point before he died so that she could fix his shoulder.

“This is why they have such an unbreakable bond because if Claire had not been summoned/lured back to his time, Jaime would have died fighting the red coats that they ran into or some time there about.”

The theory is an interesting one as it would explain why Claire travels back to Jamie’s time specifically when she goes through the stones.

As well as this, the user also speculated this is why Jamie was so mesmerised by Claire when he first saw her.

They continued: “In his dazed state of mind, he drifted back to the first moment that his ghost saw a glimpse of her in the 20th century, (he doesn’t know that he saw her when he was a ghost) perhaps having a feeling that this beautiful lady that he dreamed of or had a vision of before, is actually here with him.

“Jaime lives because Claire healed him thus they are ‘mated for life’ – just a thought.”

So far in the series, nothing has been confirmed about Jamie’s ghost so it is entirely possible this theory could hold true.

But it seems like fans will be waiting until the end of the series for specific answers to be given.

This is because author Diana Gabaldon has confirmed the mystery of the ghost will be “the last thing in the last book.”

She teased to Express.co.uk earlier this year how the moment would please fans.

She explained: “I expect to leave them in floods of tears but you know feeling happy nevertheless.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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