People Are Bothered Jack Whitehall Will Play Disney’s First Openly Gay Major Character

Another day, another overblown internet controversy…

The Sun reports British comedian Jack Whitehall has been tapped to play Disney’s first openly gay major character in the upcoming film The Jungle Cruise. Inspired by the eponymous Disneyland ride, the movie will also star Emily Blunt and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Whitehall announced the casting news on Instagram writing, in part, that he was “honoured to be part of this epic adventure.”

The straight 30-year-old actor will reportedly play the brother of Blunt’s character. He’s described as “hugely effete, very camp and very funny,” according to the Sun’s source. This description seemed to bother a handful of internet goers, who quickly took to Twitter to express disappointment in Disney’s casting choice.

And, because this is the internet we’re talking about, there were those who had a problem with people having a problem over Whitehall’s casting.

You may remember, we got our first glimpse of a gay Disney character last year in the live-action Beauty and the Beast, when the character in question, LeFou, was shown dancing with a man for all of two seconds.

The Jungle Cruise is rumored to hit theaters in October 2019, so it’ll still be a minute before we can properly judge Disney’s handling of Whitehall’s character.

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