Peter and Toyah get engaged in Corrie but fans want Eva to get her baby back

Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby got engaged on tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street, but fans were more concerned about Eva Price and her little girl.

Before the engagement took place, Toyah was shocked to find that while she was doing something, Eva had a hospital photographer take a snap or two of her and baby Susie.

She immediately questioned Eva about it, after the pictures dropped out of a baby bag.

Toyah was nervous Eva had changed her mind and was not sure about giving away her baby to them any more, so asked her to be honest.

But Eva protested, saying: "From now on you are her mum."

Sadly, as Toyah walked out of the room, Eva broke down into hysterical tears on the sofa as she looked over the pictures, knowing she would never get her baby back.

Fans were really worried about the baby and felt incredibly sad to see Eva give away her baby, pleading with Toyah to give it back.

One added: "Toyah needs to support Eva not steal her baby. #Corrie"

Another said: "Toyah is really starting to annoy me!! #Corrie #CoronationStreet Eva keep you daughter!"

After Toyah left Eva alone in the cottage, however, she returned to the Rovers Return with the baby and showed Peter, who was immediately entranced with his daughter.

The whole street got together to congratulate the new parents, then Peter quickly had an announcement to make.

Before he spoke to the whole pub he whispered to Toyah: "Will you marry me?"

She looked confused, then Peter launched into a heartfelt proposal in front of all their friends and family.

Toyah said yes nervously, and Leanne looked on in a slightly upset way thinking about her and Peter’s relationship.

Later on, Leanne asked Toyah to explain what was going on with her and Eva, but Toyah’s web of lies got larger and more confused.

But will she tell her sister what has happened?

Coronation Street continues on Monday from 7.30pm on ITV.

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