‘Phillip Schofield surgery shamed me on live TV – queue jump backlash is karma’

'Britain’s most hated woman' has put the boot in on Phillip Schofield after he and presenter pal Holly Willoughby were accused of skipping the queue for the Queen’s lying-in-state.

Carla Bellucci was grilled on This Morning three years ago after she admitted to faking mental health problems to bag a free nose job on the NHS.

At the time, a visibly affronted Phillip told her: "Your nose is still a bit off!"

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Her face initially dropped but hammering her further, Phillip added: “You will get battered on social media".

The rhinoplasty was worth £7,000 and her appearance on the show sparked fury.

Carla, 40, regrets blagging the surgery after nearly dying in childbirth last year but she believes the social media pile on now being dumped on the presenters was karma.

Speaking exclusively with the Daily Star, the mum-of-four said: “I was on This Morning for a very controversial reason and I get that it didn’t look good.

“But I was really comfortable around Holly even though I knew I was going to get a good grilling.

“But beforehand I remember looking up to Phil thinking he is a good man but I remember him telling me I was going to get battered on social media… it was the way he said it… it was with pleasure.

“I felt like I was being bullied and I was just thinking ‘s***’. I used to really have respect for him but I just think with all this coming out there is one word, karma.

“He was harsh, I knew what I was in for but he was harsh.”

Carla described falling into a six-month depression after the show and said she needed therapy to recover.

She also explained how the face shaming was the reason her confidence deteriorated.

“It gave me a massive complex,” she remembered. “For anyone, man or woman, you don’t tear down someone like that.

“Everyone hated me at the time but come on? He took it too far for the audience.

“Use your words more wisely because none of us are perfect and we can all make slip ups.

“What goes around comes around. When it comes to battering in the media it goes to show… don’t be too sure of yourself because you can be taken down too. It's funny how things turn.”

Despite her obvious pleasure at Phillip’s current controversy, she did concede that the vitriol the pair are facing online was over the top.

She added: “David Beckham queued didn’t he?

“But I don’t think they deserve this much hate. Just like I don’t think I deserved it either.”

After her appearance on This Morning, Carla said a pair of flowers were sent to her home as an “apology”.

Referring to the alleged queue skip, a This Morning statement read: “We asked Phillip and Holly to be part of a film for this Tuesday's programme.

"They did not jump the queue, have VIP access or file past the Queen lying in state – but instead were there in a professional capacity as part of the world's media to report on the event."

Clearing up the situation further, Holly said in a statement: "Like hundreds of accredited broadcasters and journalists, we were given official permission to access the hall.

"It was strictly for the purpose of reporting on the event for millions of people in the UK who haven't been able to visit Westminster in person. The rules were that we would be quickly escorted around the edges to a platform at the back. In contrast, those paying respects walked along a carpeted area beside the coffin and were given time to pause."

She continued: "None of the broadcasters and journalists there took anyone's place in the queue and no one filed passed the Queen. We, of course, respected those rules, however, we realise that it may have looked like something else and therefore totally understand the reaction."


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