Piers Morgan demands healthcare ban for people ignoring Coronavirus advice

Piers Morgan has broken into a furious coronavirus rant after seeing pictures of people refusing to social distance themselves over the weekend.

Front pages of the newspapers saw photos of mass gatherings on beaches and in parks, angering the Good Morning Britain host.

And to top it all off, the presenter played a clip of a shopper in America licking the supermarket shelves amid the pandemic.

He fumed: ‘What I’d like to happen to him, I’d like him found and put in prison, and then I’d like him deprived of any healthcare if he gets the virus.

‘That might concentrate the mind of these morons and the morons we have here that thought they could have a bank holiday jolly.’

Showing footage of people enjoying the sun, he continued: ‘This is not two metre distancing, this is people carrying on.’

Hoping stricter rules will be implemented, Piers demanded that people breaking the guidelines would be banned from getting healthcare.

He questioned those at home: ‘If you do this and you’re found doing this, and you don’t get any healthcare for you and your family, would you still do it?

‘If the answer is no, why would you risk people you don’t know? Why would you put people in harms way and kill them because of stupidity?’

The journalist then turned his attention to the former world wars, where he quipped: ‘The wartime generation had years of this and had to fight and face machine guns and tanks. We are told to go home and watch telly and we can’t even do that.

‘We are the generation that doesn’t know how to say no.’

He fumed: ‘No one is aking you to go to a trench and get shot at – we are telling you to go home and watch telly how hard can that be?’

Earlier on in the show, Piers called out Boris Johnson failing amid the current crisis.

‘Boris Johnson has sent mixed message after mixed message, and did one again yesterday,’ he hissed: ‘He says you have to stay at home, and then, on the other hand, you can go out and enjoy yourself.

‘What is there to enjoy right now? Why are you encouraging people to enjoy themselves? His failure to be firm is costing lives, I don’t care how harsh that sounds.’

Piers asked for clarity from the country’s leader, and not just what he ‘suggests we do.’

He said: ‘These morons don’t care, they want to go out and enjoy themselves, they don’t care who they go out and kill!

‘We are now comfortably past Italy, Spain and France at the point they went into lockdown. We’re no way near lockdown in my opinion.’

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