Piers Morgan does hilarious impression of Boris Johnson's 'jolly careful' speech as he blasts PM as 'embarrassing'

PIERS Morgan showed off his hilarious impression of Boris Johnson's "jolly careful" speech – before blasting the Prime Minister as "embarrassing".

The 55-year-old slammed the "ridiculous metaphors" made in last night's press conference as the PM revealed tough new tier rules will last until spring.

"They still haven't said about Christmas," said Piers on Good Morning Britain today, before launching into the imitation.

"'Tis the season to be jolly, to be jolly careful… let's have a jolly look at the jolly."

Johnson joked at tonight's press conference: "It is the season to be jolly – but to also be jolly careful…

"We want people to be able to celebrate, but we don't want to ruin it by overdoing it."

After playing a clip of the press conference, Piers added: "He came out with so many ridiculous metaphors again.

"When it comes out of Professors Van-Tam's mouth, you listen to it. When it comes out of jolly hockey sticks, you just think 'oh speak normally'.

"Shut up."

Piers then had a go at the isolating PM for "going missing" during his House of Commons broadcast when his broadband connection dropped.

Piers continued ranting: "I don't want to be constantly bashing, but he constantly does stuff that deserves to be bashed.

"He is the Prime Minister in isolation. What's the one thing you'd do? I'd say I don't care what it is, you make sure when I appear in parliament, make sure my connection works and if it doesn't I'll have you lowered into a pit of tarantulas.

"Instead he was cut off for half an hour. It was embarrassing. Just embarrassing."

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