Piers Morgan tears into Michael Gove over ‘lack of clarity’ after Boris locks down UK

Piers Morgan, 54, and Good Morning Britain co-host Charlotte Hawkins, 45, interviewed Michael Gove, 52, today to get some answers on the Government’s latest action to tackle the spread of COVID-19. With ambiguity about whether some jobs are classed as essential or not and the worry about travelling to work, the host wanted to get some clarity on the situation. However, he ended up persistently asking the politician to give a clear cut answer as he believed he didn’t get the result viewers were hoping for about the UK lockdown to combat coronavirus.

One of the main trades feeling the impact of the lockdown announced by Johnson, 55, is the construction and building industry, with workers unsure as to whether they should be completing jobs.

Although some building infrastructure is essential, the presenter wanted to understand if people should still be attending jobs in private properties.

Gove presided to give the answer he believed was adequate, stating builder should still turn up to construction sites if they’re out in the open or if a private property is vacant and essential work needs to be done.

It seemed to contradict the statement he made to Susanna Reid, 49, about whether children could see their parents if they’re a part of a separate family set-up, to which he said youngsters should in the home they’re currently residing in.

Morgan believed he wasn’t getting the clarity he wanted and slammed the politician for not clearing up the issue for many viewers.

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