Rebecca makes shocking discovery at Home Farm and starts to remember the crash

In tonight’s hour-long Emmerdale, Rebecca White makes a shocking discovery at Home Farm.

Rebecca is still trying to put together the pieces of her fragmented memory as the horror of the car crash slowly comes back to her.

She leaves the hospital shortly after waking up from her come and discovers Joe Tate at her former house.

Lachlan is worried that his killer secret will be exposed, with his aunt continuing to pose as a threat to him.

The troubled teenager and Robert head over to Home Farm to make sure Rebecca is alright.

She is finally reunited with baby Seb, who she hasn’t seen since Robert kidnapped him from her car, leading to the high speed chase that ended with the deadly crash.

Robert and Lachlan manage to calm Rebecca down and take her back to the hospital.

But how long will Lachlan’s secret stay under wraps for?

Meanwhile, Charity is forced to confront some uncomfortable truths as Joe Tate continues to plague her life.

Elsewhere, Harriet is determined to get her old job as vicar back.

* Emmerdale airs tonight on ITV at 7.00pm


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