‘RHOBH’ Stars in Shock After Denise Richards’ Husband Threatens to ‘Crush’ Her Hand on the Show

Erika Jayne expresses her disbelief to what Aaron Phypers says in the latest episode of the Bravo reality series with her tweet, which is echoed by Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp and Lisa Rinna.

AceShowbizDenise Richards‘ husband Aaron Phypers said the unthinkable in the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“. The 47-year-old left everyone in shock after he threatened to physically harm his wife on the show.

In the Wednesday, June 3 episode of the Bravo reality series, Denise and Aaron stormed out of a BBQ party at Kyle Richards‘ home after she was confronted by Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp about not trusting her kids around them. The two walked hand-in-hand with the camera still following them.

After Denise repeatedly told him to stay mum because they’re still on camera, Aaron made a threatening remark. “Don’t tell me what to say. I’m going to crush your f**king hand. Stop it,” he was heard saying.

His threat has left viewers as well as Denise’s co-stars in shock, with Erika Jayne tweeting, “Wait! What did he just say??” Echoing the sentiment, Kyle, Teddi and Lisa Rinna later retweeted Erika’s post.

Erika Jayne reacts to Aaron Phypers’ threat to his wife Denise Richards.

Meanwhile, fans of the show weighed in on Aaron’s threat in the comments of Erika’s post. “That was scary. I knew something was off about Aaron,” someone reacted. Another shocked user wrote, “He totally said he was going to crush her hand!! WTF?!”

A third user expressed her concern, “I’m officially scared for Denise. If he says and does that in PUBLIC ON CAMERA what is he doing behind closed doors?” while one other described the couple’s marriage as a “sad relationship.”

Some others, however, defended Aaron, believing that he didn’t really mean what he said.

Neither Denise nor Aaron has responded to the backlash regarding Aaron’s remark. Meanwhile, Teddi has made it be known that she doesn’t have the best impression of Aaron following the couple’s tense argument with the other ladies in the latest episode of the show. “When I called him an a**hole I wasn’t too far off #RHOBH,” she defended herself following her remark to Aaron.

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