RHOC's Kelly Dodd saves ex Michael in her phone with a photo of HITLER as she claims he ditched their daughter in rant

REAL Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has alleged her ex husband Michael is an absent father who "doesn’t want to see” their daughter Jolie.

In a shocking series of Instagram videos, which Kelly has since deleted, she revealed that she had a picture of Adolf Hitler saved alongside Michael's number in her phone, and claimed that her ex had not spent time with his 13-year-old daughter Jolie in six months.

Kelly posted a screengrab of her texts with Michael, revealing that at 9.10am she had asked him to pick up their daugher from her final tennis match and "perhaps take her to dinner."

The mom of one told Michael she was unable to do so because she was going to "a party."

Michae replied and told her he was "busy" and unable to do as asked, and Kelly then shared the texts, telling followers: "What kind of father doesn't want to spend time with his daughter? Hasn't been with her in 6 months."

She then added: "Thank God for Rick Leventhal."

Rick is her new husband, whom she married in early October.

She has spent much of 2019 jetting back and forth to New York City where Rick was living, until he moved to LA in early 2020.

In a video, Kelly then went on to claim that Michael has "been taking me to court" and that she had "spent another thousands of thousands of dollars on our attorney so we can get all of the loose ends of our divorce finalized and he won’t sign the papers."

"He just keeps dragging it out and dragging it out and he wants me to not blast him anymore, so if you don’t want me to blast you anymore, just sign the f**king papers," she exclaimed.

In a second video, she then alleged Michael's girlfriend Laura was "now" texting her.

Kelly shared Laura's text which read: "This all makes you look bad.

"The only thing Michael responded to you is that he can’t pick Jolie up. You asked at 10 a.m. the same day, it was my 40th birthday on Friday, we had plans with family today."

But in reply, Kelly hit back and said that Jolie should have been invited as she is part of Michael's family.

The Sun has contacted Michael for comment.

Kelly and Michael divorced in 2017 after ten years of marriage.

In 2019 she alleged that "mean" Michael was spoiling her engagement to Rick by threatening to "expose" her.

“It’s very contentious right now. He gets upset,” Kelly told Us Weekly.

She continued: “He knows who [Rick] is. And he’s very mean about him. He calls him Gonzo. And then he’ll send me pictures of him, he’s just mean. He’s not happy for me.”

“He wants to come after me. He says, ‘I’m going to expose you.’ I’m like, ‘OK, go head, expose me.' It’s already out there! Everything’s out there. There’s nothing you can say or do that I haven’t been exposed about."

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