‘RHONY’ Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Other Housewives And Their Fake Businesses

Frankel commented on Twitter after people asked why she didn’t attend Ramona’s party

If you thought it was just Carole Radziwill that Bethenny Frankel was battling with on Real Housewives of New York you’d be wrong. After last night’s episode aired, Frankel started tweeting after a fan asked why she didn’t attend Ramona Singer”s party for her alleged skincare line.

The fan wondered on Twitter why Frankel as a business woman wouldn’t give credit to another one of the Housewives trying to build a brand.

“You could have acknowledged her invitation or her progress with her skin care line.”

Frankel posted a response immediately saying that she doesn’t have the time or the energy to indulge the fantasies of others with their faux businesses.

“It doesn’t exist. And as a business woman, I am done allowing people to pretend business is easy or have pretend parties to launch products that are fairytales. Watch cartoons if you want fantasy.”

Frankel built her own brand, SkinnyGirl, from the ground up, and knows that business is more than creating a sample and throwing a party for yourself. On last night’s RHONY, Singer was celebrating her anti-aging skincare line, and was angry at Sonja for crashing the party with her shoe samples.

And while fans didn’t get to hear about this last night, just wait until next week when Bethenny hashes things out with Ramona herself, says Too Fab. Singer will tell Frankel that she was disappointed not to see her at the party for her face cream.

“I was very disappointed and hurt that you never responded to my invitation, nor did you congratulate me.”

Frankel responds: “Noted.”

“You say you support women. Obviously, you don’t. Wow, Bethenny. Wow.”

On Twitter, Frankel then followed up by retweeting a fan criticizing Ramona.

“I’m so sick of @ramonasinger coming at @bethenny with this whole “you don’t support other women” schtick when Ramona never misses an opportunity to do something sneaky and dirty to EVERYBODY on that cast.”

Bethenny Frankel was having quite a day after suggesting that many of her castmates are living beyond their means, hinting that if they found themselves suddenly off the Bravo gravy train, they’d be in trouble.

“They can’t afford the lives they’re living, and if the music stops, they’re going to get in some trouble.”

Frankel said that through hard work, she can afford the things she has, but that’s not true of everyone.

“You can’t put yourself in a position where, if the shit hit the fan, you couldn’t pay all of your bills at one time. If the world came to an end, I would be able to pay for everything. I might not be left with much, but I can afford what I have.”

It sounds like things are just getting heated up on RHONY.

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