RHONY’s Leah McSweeney slams nemesis Ramona Singer for calling Mexican resort staff her ‘servants’ to their face – The Sun

REAL Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney has slammed her nemesis Ramona Singer for calling Mexican resort staff her "servants" to their face.

Last week's episode saw the Housewives arrive in Mexico for a trip, and as they turned up at their villa Ramona exclaimed: "Oh my gosh, how many helpers do we have? It's servants galore here!"

But in response, RHONY's Leah has now criticized her frenemy, admitting on Instagram Stories: "No matter how drunk and ‘crazy’ I behaved… I still never called anyone a servant.

"What is her excuse?"

Her criticism comes after Ramona refused to accept that she had been "a jerk" this season when fans commented on a recent Instagram post.

One fan wrote: "You have been acting like a jerk this season, treating Leah horribly. It’s a little late to clean up your image Ramona. Just [be] nice, I like you better that way."

Ramona replied: "It’s been a rough season for all especially with all the drinking going on."

The mom-of-one has been feuding with multiple housewives this past season, including her close friend Sonja Martin.

Ramona has also picked on Leah for most of the season because of her tendency to go overboard when she drinks.

Most recently, the newcomer ranted to Dorinda and called Ramona "repulsive" for gossiping about her bipolar disorder and claiming that she mixed medication with alcohol – something she strongly denied.

In an upcoming episode, fans will see Ramona claim that Sonja – who decided to drunkenly walk across the housewives' hotel room butt naked – and Dorinda Medley have a drinking problem.

Dorinda, fuming, then shouts at her: "You're being terrible, get your s**t together! You should be ashamed of yourself."

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