Rick & Morty Vs. Genocider Is A New Free Anime Episode That You Need To Watch

A new Rick & Morty anime short has premiered, and it’s called Rick & Morty vs. Genocider. It’s directed by Takashi Sano (Tower of God) and follows Morty as he travels to Tokyo to meet up with Rick and deal with a genocidal force.

The plot of this short is a little difficult to follow, honestly, but it certainly looks good. It directly references things that have happened within the show, but whether or not it’s “canon” is anyone’s guess.

You can watch the free short below. If you have a good read on what you think it’s all about, let us know in the comments.


The previous Rick & Morty anime episode, Samurai & Shogun, was set far in the past, and used 3D animation. Rick And Morty vs. Genocider has a more contemporary setting, and uses 2D animation.

We recently got a look at the opening of the first episode of Rick & Morty Season 5, and it introduced a different enemy, Mr. Nimbus.

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