Ruby Allen finally receives the verdict in horrifying rape ordeal in EastEnders

As the trial begins Ruby struggles as she’s forced to relive the events with Ross looking on defiantly. But it’s clear Matt is struggling too. Stacey (Lacey Turner) is overcome with nerves and does her best to hide them but as she’s called to the stand the pressure becomes too much and she starts to unravel. Stacey blames herself for ruining things but Ruby realises that the trial has caused her to relive awful memories of Archie as Stacey reveals she never got to face him.

She helps Stacey confront her demons by going with her to Archie’s grave, giving Stacey the chance to say her piece. Ruby realises she has her own ghosts to put to rest and heads off to hear both Matt and Ross’ testimonies.

Jay is once again there to support her, and she watches as Matt buckles on the stand.

Later, Ruby heads back to court and is perturbed when she hears the verdict will come sooner than she thought, as she immediately turns to Stacey for comfort. With Stacey, Martin and Jay by her side they hear the jury’s verdict.

What will they decide?

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