Ruth ‘furious’ after Eamonn shouts at her during incredibly awkward interview

Ruth Langsford looked furious today after husband Eamonn Holmes shouted at her during an incredibly cringeworthy interview on This Morning today.

The pair had been interviewing selfie queen Karen Danczuk, the ex-wife of Simon Danczuk, the former MP for Rochdale, who had signed up to a pay-per-view website.

The site allows her to charge fans £150 to see her racy photos and she has reportedly earned £10,000 from the site.

But during her chat with Ruth and Eamonn, it quickly became apparent that they had opposing views on the subject.

"It might be one a day, twice a day," Karen explained. "It's not just photos, it's video chats… I wouldn't say they're erotic, they're what you would see on Instagram ."

Ruth went on to prober her about her "scantily clad" pictures and asked whether there was any nudity.

Karen confirmed that she didn't take any nude photos and she also did Q&As about politics.

But when Eamonn tried to suggest there was nothing wrong with it, he described Karen as a politician.

"She's not a politician," Ruth snapped.

An infuriated Eamonn turned to Ruth and shouted: "Excuse me!"

Ruth went quiet, silently fuming as Eamonn hit out at Loose Women, saying that if Karen had done it on the show she would have been described as "empowering".

The awkwardness continued throughout, with Eamonn making jibes at his wife and later asking Deidre about a phone-in.

When the agony aunt made a dig a him, he fumed: "I love how people assume I'm the bad guy."

And viewers cringed over the interaction, with one tweeting: "I think Deidre needs to sort out Eamonn and Ruth you can actually see the hate in his eyes towards her today #ThisMorning."

While another commented: "Ruth is not happy #ThisMorning."

*This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV

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