Ryan Thomas is offered professional support by Celebrity Big Brother bosses following Roxanne Pallett 'punch' row

Viewers saw the ex-Coronation Street star in tears last night as he told bosses in the diary room: “I didn’t do anything. I just don’t understand it.”

Her accusations left Ryan struggling to cope inside the house and has seen a huge backlash from viewers and fellow celebs.

Celebrity Big Brother confirmed to The Sun that Ryan has access to support services.

They said: "Housemates' well-being is closely monitored and of paramount importance.

"Big Brother puts into place appropriate support arrangements as required."

Last night, Ryan said: “I have to make amends even if I don’t feel I have make amends. I’ll put myself back together again.

“This has broke me. If I have done something wrong. I am so sorry. I had no idea.

“I’m going to try and make it a happy household. I will not walk from this. I’m not a quitter.”

Fans were furious after watching Roxanne claim he had “hit her four or five times.”

Last night's show featured a blow by blow account of the reactions to Roxanne’s story starting with Ben Jardine confronting Ryan.

As Ryan desperately tried to convince his co-stars he didn’t hurt her, Roxanne stood firm.

She told Ben, “he’s lying” when questioned over her version of events before agreeing that she believed “he wanted to hurt her”.

Roxanne quit the show the Channel 5 show in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Viewers were seething and during last night’s eviction the 35-year-old heard fans outside the house chanting: “Get her out!”

The former Emmerdale actress broke down after hearing it and stormed into the diary room where she demanded to leave.

Breaking down in tears, Roxanne sobbed: “I'm going home, I need out, I need to go.”

Also in the previously unseen clip, Roxanne can be seen insisting she “isn’t lying” about Ryan punching her – despite him disputing it.

Viewers also claimed she was lying about the incident, with more than 11,000 fans complaining to Ofcom.


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