Rylan hits back at claims Brexit will ruin UK's chances at Eurovision

RYLAN Clark Neal has hit back at claims Brexit will ruin the UK's chances at Eurovision.

The Eurovision commentator spoke to Good Morning Britain's Richard Arnold today ahead of the final on Saturday and defended the state of UK politics.

Richard announced to camera: "So is Eurovision more politically charged than ever?

"Let’s put that question to our men on the ground every year here at Eurovision – Rylan and Scott Mills as well."

Scott was first to answer and replied: "To me, it’s always just a music competition. So it doesn’t feel any different for me.

"(Rylan) Does it feel any different from last year?”

Rylan conceded that politics and singing come hand in hand at Eurovision but insisted Brexit isn't an issue at the music extravaganza.

He shared: "No, I mean listen, sometimes the voting can get political.

"It’s like, ‘Oh you’ve given 12 points to your neighbour, of course you have.’

"But no, Eurovision is the one thing that personally I think, is not about that."

Fans agreed but also insisted that the UK never has a chance, taking to Twitter to express their feelings.

One said: "Eurovision is about crap music, tactical scoring by eastern bloc, and Europe taking the p**s out of each other."

Eurovision's semi-final was thrown into chaos on Tuesday when the show crashed live on air following a technical blunder.

And fans warned that it had "better not happen on Saturday" during as they hit out at the BBC.

The second half of the semi-final is set to air on BBC4 on Thursday night at 8pm and will see Ireland perform.

This year’s UK representative, Michael Rice, is automatically entered into Saturday's final.

That's because it is one of the Big Five – countries that are the biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcast Union.

It has been 20 years on since Israel hosted the Eurovision. Portugal's capital Lisbon hosted the classic show in 2018.

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