Sam Fox hits back at David Cassidy’s former lover and insists he assaulted her

Samantha Fox has hit back at David Cassidy ‘s former girlfriend after she slammed sexual assault claims the former glamour model made in her autobiography.

In her book, Sam, now 51, claims that Cassidy attacked her in May 1985 when she was 19 after asking her to appear in one of his music videos – and she continued to make the claims when she appeared on Loose Women today.

Sherry Benedon had an “on and off relationship” with Cassidy in the 1970’s and 80’s and gave birth to his only daughter Katie, now a successful actress, in 1986.

Sherry, now 64, says: ‘What this woman says happened was just not David’s style. David would never have followed a woman into a bathroom. He had too big an ego and he had some class about him in those years. I can’t even imagine any such thing. It’s in very poor taste that this woman, who I’ve never even heard of, should make these claims after David has died and is therefore not able to defend himself. And also so soon after he died which makes what she claims so hurtful to all of us who cared about David, including his millions of fans around the World.”

But, speaking on Loose Women today, Sam insisted she published the claims about David a month before he passed away in November 2017.

She said: "I finished this book when I was 50, and it came out in the USA in October before he died."

Fox claimed Cassidy followed her into the toilet of a London restaurant, stuck his tongue in her mouth, grabbed one of her breasts and put his hand up her skirt.

She responded by kneeing him in the crotch and elbowing him in the face.

Sherry met David Cassidy in June 1970 when she auditioned for a part in The Partridge Family, the US TV sitcom which made him a superstar.

She didn’t get that part but appeared in episodes of Hawaii Five-O and The Love Boat, and films including Shirts And Skins with Incredible Hulk actor Bill Bixby.

Sherry has been with her second husband, physician Richard Benedon, since Katie was four and lives near all three of her daughters in Southern California.

Katie is best-known from TV series such as Supernatural and Arrow and films like Taken and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Sherry says: "Katie had a great and secure upbringing with my husband, with whom she’s very close. She’s a strong young woman and, while I’m sure there would be some residual left from David, she’s dealt with it and moved on. I am very proud of her outlook, her success, and the choices she has made. From when Katie was about three, I knew she’d be successful in the entertainment industry. She is very talented. I know Katie will continue with her success in all aspects of her life, and she will always have a strong support system within our family should she ever need it."

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