Saturday Night Takeaway to give away more prizes after finale in Florida axed

Ant and Dec have promised to give away more ‘places on a plane’ after Saturday Night Takeaway was forced to cancel the finale in Florida because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The ITV show had previously planned to fly 300 families along with the comedy duo and staff to the park in Florida for the finale on 4 April.

Although TV bosses had to cancel the trip because of the coronavirus pandemic.

An ITV spokesman said in a statement to the Mirror on Friday night: ‘We will no longer be broadcasting the Saturday Night Takeaway finale from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

‘Walt Disney World has made the decision to close, beginning on Monday 16 March until the end of the month.’

It continued: ‘The wellbeing of all our prize winners, as well as our production team, is always our number one priority. All recipients of a ‘Place on the Plane’ prize will have their prizes honoured and flown by Virgin Holidays for a 5-night stay at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida at such later date when it is practical for Virgin Holidays and Walt Disney World Resort to fulfil the prize.’

Although to make it up to fans Ant and Dec told viewers they would be giving away more trips to Florida because of it.

‘I am sure like us you have been following the news but nothing is more important than people’s health,’ Ant began.

‘We are not able to bring you the finale show in Florida, but they have promised everyone who has won a place on the plane will be heading to Florida at a later date,’ Dec added.

Ant continued: ‘Walt Disney and Virgin Holidays have kindly told us that everyone who has won a place on the plane will be going at a later date.’

‘And even better than that they have said we have even more places to give away,’ Dec said.

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway airs on Saturday at 7pm on ITV1.

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