Scarlett Moffatt gushes over 'soulmate' boyfriend Scott Dobinson but worries she'll jinx relationship

SCARLETT Moffatt has cast her fears aside about jinxing her relationship to gush over her "soulmate" Scott Dobinson.

The 29-year-old took to Instagram to praise her boyfriend of more than a year, even though she was sure her post might lead to their demise.

She wrote on Instagram: "I normally don’t like saying this because I’m scared I jinx myself 🙈 but @scottdobby takes all that fear away.

"I am so happy I have found my soulmate. Never give up on finding true love we all find it at different points in our life ❤️ #love #happiness."

Alongside her mushy post, Scarlett added a photo of the pair of them with their arms around each other standing on a water's shore.

In the pic, Scarlett looks radiant in a low-plunging V-neck black wrap dress, with her hair in a high bun.

Meanwhile, Scott looks more casual in a black Rolling Stones t-shirt and black shorts.

Her fans loved the romantic post and described it as "couple goals".

One Instagram user wrote: "I'm so glad that you have found eachother. You look so happy together 👏😍 this is lovely ❤️"

A second wrote: "💕This is so lovely, you are and deserve it. You can’t jinx what’s meant for you!!! Enjoy as you only get one life xx"

And a third said: "You look radiant! 🙌"

Scott has also been a big support during Scarlett's recent cancer scare.

She recently revealed she may have to get abnormal cells removed from her cervix while pleading with women to get smear tests.

The Gogglebox star opened up about her ordeal to Christine Lampard on the Lorraine show.

She urged viewers to get regular smear tests to prevent cervical cancer and avoid abnormal cells from growing.

Doctors discovered the abnormal cells during a smear test in September last year, which led to Scarlett needing to get tested every six months.

"My journey is that I had abnormal cells, I have to go every six months rather than every three years," she told Christine who is filling in for Lorraine Kelly over the summer.

"If they haven't removed themselves by the next appointment, I will have to get them removed. If I hadn't went, I don't know what situation I would have been in."

Scarlett said she was talking about her ordeal so openly to encourage other to get their regular smear tests.

She told people not to be afraid and the consequences of not getting tested were far worse than getting a smear test.

"There's stigma around it being scary, but it's none of that," she said.

"A lot of people don't know you can request a woman to do the procedure, you can ask them to insert a smaller object too. My friends thought it was just to test cervical cancer, but it's to also prevent cancer.

"You get asked to go when you're 24 and a half, so maybe you haven't had anyone look at that area. You don't have to feel embarrassed."

She added: "It is just the unknown, I remember not being as scared as one of my friends was a little bit older so told me about it, but now you can watch videos

Around 3,200 women in the UK are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year.

This is why The Sun launched the #CheersForSmears campaign, which aims to ensure women across the UK attend their screenings, no matter what.

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