Seven EastEnders spoilers for next week including Phil Mitchell's revenge after Sharon's secret gets out

EASTENDERS fans will see Phil Mitchell get the complete wrong end of the stick next week when he realises he isn't the father of Sharon’s baby.

The real dad is of course Keanu Taylor, but Phil is led to believe it's Jack Branning – and now, he wants revenge. Here’s what's about to go down in Albert Square…

1. Phil tortures Jack 

Lisa’s words start to haunt Phil next week as he starts to believe someone else is the father of Sharon’s baby.

In scenes next week, Phil is seen brooding with a gun.

Detective Phil is quick to jump to conclusions and later tortures Jack Branning instead of the real father of Sharon’s baby – his son-in-law Keanu.

Fans know that Phil is no stranger to getting blood on his hands, but will he murder Jack?

2. The Panesars move in

The Slaters are in for a festive shocker as the Panesars buy their house from under them next week.

But when the Slaters refuse to move out, they start a feud with the sinister brothers.

Who will win?

3. Mick confides in Sharon about Linda

Next week, Mick gets frustrated when Ollie doesn’t land a main role in the school nativity and puts on his own version instead.

The devoted father invites the school mums to the performance but isn’t prepared for their brutal response.

Later, with the nativity in full swing, Mick spots Linda drinking.

He confides in Sharon about his worries, and she promises to keep an eye on Linda.

But when Sharon has a word with the landlady, Linda is quick to brush her off.

EastEnders bosses have confirmed that things are going to get much worse for Linda over the Christmas and New Year episodes as the landlady slides deeper into alcoholism.

4. Martin shocks Sonia

Martin is on a high following his job with Tubbs but his mood is shattered when Kush isn’t sure about Martin seeing Arthur.

Sonia manages to win him over and the three of them head to Walford’s Winter Wonderland.

Martin gets a bit over excited when he struggles to win Arthur a toy and Sonia has to ask him to calm down.

Realising Martin is struggling, Sonia says he can move back in but she isn’t prepared for his response.

5. Honey faces another problem

Honey might have binned (quite literally!) love rat Adam, but it looks like her problems aren’t over just yet.

Next week, Honey expresses her concerns when Karen suggests Janet should enter a beauty pageant with Lexi.

When the plan goes ahead regardless of her concerns, Honey confronts Karen for meddling.

But when things don’t go to plan, Honey is left upset.

Later, Ash encourages Honey to stand her ground with Karen.

6. Callum frets about Ballum

There’s bad news for Ballum fans next week’s as events lead Callum to have a wobble about his future with Ben.

The pair have had a tempestuous relationship since Callum announced his plans to join the police force, which didn’t sit well with Ben’s criminal dealings.

Next week, Callum confides in Lola about his concerns, but the mother of Ben's child is quick to heap praise on Ben for how far he's come since they began dating.

7. Kush uncovers a secret

The news that the Panesar brothers have bought the Slater’s house from under them proves too much for Jean.

Feeling unwell, Kush offers to go to hospital for her as she’s supposed to be visiting a friend.

Later, Kush checks on Jean and is stunned when he overhears something in Daniel’s video message.

Daniel faked his own funeral in a plot twist earlier this autumn to spare Jean the pain of watching him die from cancer.

Will Daniel’s secret be uncovered by Kush next week?

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