‘Sexy’ gin expert has This Morning fans swooning and hosts giggling

This Morning fans didn’t know where to look as they watched hosts Vanessa Feltz and Ruth Langsford swoon over a "sexy" gin expert."

Carl Anthony Brown, who is a global brand developer for Rockland Distilleries, joined Ruth and Vanessa to try different gins to test whether they could tell the big brands from the supermarket favourites.

He walked them through all the different types of gin, from London Dry Gin to aromatic, cucumber and pink gins, with Vanessa and Ruth revealing how "squiffy" they had become throughout the segment.

They giggled and slurred over their gin, with many fans saying they had been talking over the expert far too much as the effects seemed to take hold.

But most fans weren’t too concerned about what Carl had to say, and were more focused on how the "sexy" expert looked, offering to let him show them the ropes of his distillery.

One fan took to Twitter and said: "Gin tasting and a gorgeous man on @thismorning YES PLEASE"

Another said: "Forget the gin I wanna know who the beaut gin expert is pleaseeee?! @thismorning @RuthieeL"

A third added: "Stuff the gin, I wouldn’t mind sampling the ‘expert’ though #ThisMorning"

One fan even suggested he could be a member of the Magic Mike cast, suggesting Vanessa and Ruth should tell him to "STRIP" live on TV to excite the viewers further.

The two hosts certainly seemed to agree with the public, though they also looked to be enjoying the gin along with its expert.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10.30am on ITV.

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