Shakira transforms into a shackled mermaid in new music video taking swipe at ex Gerard Piqué | The Sun

SHAKIRA has transformed into a mermaid in shackles in her latest music video which has hidden messages towards her ex.

Moments before the release of her new single Copa Vacia, the Colombian star, 46, took to Instagram to explain the song has a symbolic meaning for her.

The singer said that the mermaid represents her because she is on "the journey to becoming one with herself again."

Shakira noted that the mermaid "sacrifices a lot for love, ending up in the rubbish amongst rats.

"Thankfully she finds herself in her natural habitat."

Taking a brazen swipeat her ex-Pique, following their public break up, the She Wolf singer joked: "Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence."

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The video shows the mum-of-two turning into a stunning mermaid with pink locks as she is trapped in the ocean.

The single, featuring Manuel Turizo, talks about wanting more in a relationship that feels like drinking out of an empty cup (copa vacia).

Mermaid Shakira is eventually rescued by Turizo as she sings: "You are always busy with so much business. It would be nice, my love, a little leisure.

"Relax here on the sofa and give me your attention. The phone rings, use your hand with me I know you're hot, but I'm much hotter."

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Shakira is also a big ocean lover and since moving to Miami has spent hours in the water with her sons, Hola reports.

Earlier this week she was spotted on a wakeboarding trip near her plush Miami mansion while last month she was seen aboard an open-top cruiser with Lewis Hamilton.

"Lately I’ve been in the water so much I feel like I’m growing scales," the star joked.

The release of the new music video comes days after the popstar told of her heartbreak after learning of Pique's "betrayal" while her dad was fighting for his life in the hospital.

Shakira told People en Español that she was first enlightened to her ex's alleged infidelity shortly after William was "gravely injured."

The mum-of-two said: "He went to Barcelona to console me after I was consumed with sadness because of my separation.

"While he was at Milan’s first communion, he was gravely injured in an accident. Everything happened at once. My home was falling apart.

"I was finding out through the press that I had been betrayed while my dad was in the ICU."

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She recalled thinking that she "wasn't going to survive" the turmoil life had thrown at her without her beloved father by her side.

The Colombian superstar announced her separation from Pique last May after spending 11 years together.

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