Silent Witness star addresses ‘difficult’ future for Nikki and Jack

Silent Witness: Jack discusses his headaches with Nikki

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Silent Witness is set to return in January for its hotly anticipated series 26. Earlier this year, BBC fans were thrilled to see Amanda Burton reprising her role as Sam Ryan for the show’s 25th anniversary. She was also joined by Dr Nikki Alexander (played by Emilia Fox) and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) as they helped police to solve a set of mysterious deaths.

Nikki and Jack’s relationship took an unexpected turn in series 25, and fans are eager to find out how their romance will play out.

Speaking exclusively to about the upcoming series, Emilia began: “Now that we are in a series where you’ve seen Jack and Nicky’s friendship move into a closer relationship and how that works.

“You know when you’ve known someone for a long time but you’re suddenly in a relationship, does that make it more difficult and what will happen to them?

“So I look forward to seeing what the writers come up with me in the future.”

When asked about her future in the show as Nikki, the actress simply replied: “I never expected to be still playing Nicky Alexander 18 years later.

“But I love it and I still love the show as much as when I first started on it.

” So, it’s thanks to the loyal fans of Silent Witness and the audiences who have come to it new as well.

“The enthusiasm for the show means that it is still made if the audience loves it, and then hopefully it can carry on being made, but you never know.”

While Emilia has no plans of leaving Silent Witness, the actress also opened up about her new true crime series called Murdertown.

The series, which is available to watch on Crime + Investigation, will see Emilia visiting different towns and cities, where she will look at some of the UK’s most shocking murders.

It will also hear from victims, experts and witnesses, as it examines the impact the killings had on the local communities around them.

During the programme, Emilia looked at one horrific double murder which happened over two decades.

In April 2019 the body of Alena Grlakova was discovered by the police after she’d gone missing on Boxing Day the previous year.

The investigation into her murder led to a suspect who’d been implicated in a similar crime back in 1997, the murder of Samantha Class in the city of Hull.

The actress will also look at the case of Stephen Cameron, who died in 1996 as part of a road rage killing.

“When I was approached about Murdertown, I watched the first three series of the show,” the Nikki Alexander star said.

“I thought they were stories that were really expertly told, with a focus on the victims, who they were and what happened to them.

“The stories being told with sensitivity and respect to the people who have been affected by the crimes and who have lost loved ones.

“I also thought there was an angle to it, you know, in bringing this variety of voices to the show where the programme speaks to families if that is possible.”

She added: “Or people who view the victims, the people who’ve worked on solving the cases, journalists who reported on them, experts who take us into the minds and behaviours of people who have committed these awful crimes to try and help understand who they are, and why they might have done it.”

Silent Witness will return to BBC One in January.

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