Sorry, (500) Days of Summer Fans: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says His Character Is 'Selfish'

Nearly a decade since it came out, (500) Days of Summer is still tugging at the hearts of its most avid fans—and, apparently, of its star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

As Tom, the lovably shy greeting-card writer swept off his feet by his manic pixie dream girl, Zooey Deschanel, Gordon-Levitt, 37, leaves audiences rooting for him to get the girl. Ultimately, however, the New Girl actress, 38, whose character is anti-commitment, ends up leaving Tom only to get engaged —and people have not forgotten.

On Monday, Gordon-Levitt replied to a fan who tweeted about his anger towards Deschanel’s behavior, defending her part by placing the blame on his own character.

“Watch it again. It’s mostly Tom’s fault. He’s projecting. He’s not listening. He’s selfish. Luckily he grows by the end,” the star tweeted back in what finally looked like some closure for Tom’s loudest supporters.

This isn’t the first time Gordon-Levitt has spoken up about his dismay for Tom’s character. In 2012, he addressed his character’s obsessive love.

“The (500) Days Of Summer attitude of ‘He wants you so bad’ seems attractive to some women and men, especially younger ones,” he told Playboy. “But I would encourage anyone who has a crush on my character to watch it again and examine how selfish he is.”

Deschanel, meanwhile, hasn’t explicitly commented on her character in the film, only briefly alluding to the fact that each viewers’ experience and reception is up for personal interpretation.

“I don’t really like to tell people what they should take away because I like to go see a movie and be allowed to feel,” Deschanel told The Michigan Daily the year of its release. “It’s best to do my part and then hand it over to those that are going to experience it because it’s a very personal experience,” she added.

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