Southern Charm's Ashley Jacobs Admits 'I Made a Lot of Mistakes' with Ex Thomas Ravenel

Ashley Jacobs is accepting her share of the blame for her split from Thomas Ravenel.

Jacobs, 33, discussed her breakup with Ravenel, 55 — which came after more than a year of dating, as captured on Southern Charm season 5 — on her Instagram Live.

“I made a lot of mistakes, and there’s things that I just shouldn’t have said,” said Jacobs, a registered nurse. “I just should have kept my mouth shut. It was not my place. And I think the hardest thing is going to bed every night and thinking how different things would be in my life right now had I just shut my mouth. So I do. I beat myself up a lot.”

She was seemingly referencing her tumultuous time on the show, during which she clashed with Ravenel’s ex Kathryn Dennis, calling her “an egg donor” rather than the true mother to his two young children.

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The Bravo star continued, “I hope I can look back and smile. I feel bad for anyone I hurt. It just wasn’t my place. I learned and I wish I could go back. I wish I could change things. But I can only move forward. You can’t change the beginning but I can change the ending.”

The breakup followed reports that the pair had called it quits after the season 5 reunion. The duo recently deleted all images of each other from their Instagram accounts.

Jacobs moved from Montecito, California, to South Carolina, after meeting Ravenel in May 2017. “Thomas got me out of California, which is the hardest thing, and I thank him for that,” Jacobs said on Instagram Live. “I needed that shove. I needed that push. Now that I’m out, I can do anything. The sky’s the limit. Everyone says, ‘Go back to California.’ Just because I don’t talk to the people on the show doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful people in South Carolina. I have some great friends and I just feel super blessed and fortune to have met them.”

She thanked her well-wishers as she weathers the split: “I appreciate reading everyone’s encouraging messages. Even though a lot of you guys are strangers, and you don’t know me and I don’t know you, it’s really nice to have your support.”

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Meanwhile, Ravenel quit Southern Charm in the midst of a sexual assault investigation.

“I’m not doing the show anymore,” he wrote on his now-protected Twitter page. “In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.”

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PEOPLE confirmed in May that a person reported an alleged incident from January 2015. “Nanny Dawn,” the former caretaker to Ravenel’s children, claimed to PEOPLE to be the victim. Ashley Perkins also accused Ravenel of assaulting her mother Debbie Holloway Perkins in late 2015. Ravenel denied the allegations through his attorney.

In July, Jacobs told PEOPLE that she and Ravenel were going strong. “He’s been there for me through times after episodes, the hate I’ve received,” she said. “I’ve cried. I’ve been very sad. My world has really been shaken up a bit. And there are times where he’s just like, ‘I’m coming over because I think you need me right now.’ Or just, ‘I’m going to bring you lunch, I’m going to bring you dinner, I’m worried that the stress has gotten to you or you’re not eating.’ He’s just been a shoulder to cry on. And he’s really stepped up.”

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