'Spider-Man: Far From Home': Fans Can't Unsee Jacob Batalon Breaking Character

When people think about the MCU Spider-Man franchise’s young stars, they likely think about Tom Holland and Zendaya. However, fans of the movies were also introduced to another young actor named Jacob Batalon.

As Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned Leeds, Batalon provided the film with comic relief. This apparently stretched off-camera, as fans on Reddit noted one particular scene where Batalon appears to break character and laugh.

Who is Jacob Batalon?

Batalon had one film under his belt, North Woods, when he took the role of Ned in the MCU’s take on the Spider-Man universe. This immediately propelled the Hawaii native to the mainstream, as the film was a smash hit and his take on Ned was a hit among the fans. Batalon got more roles almost immediately, from the drama Every Day to the horror-comedy Blood Fest

After briefly revising his role in Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, Batalon got more prominent roles away from the MCU. In the indie movie, the True Don Quixote, Batalon proved that he didn’t need to be a side character to carry a film, and he continued this with the Christmas comedy Let It Snow. Now, he is starting to get some television work, too. 

Batalon appeared in the Filipino sketch show Bubble Gang as a parody of the Leeds character. He also had a guest spot on Day By Day and appeared in a trilogy of episodes in the geographical horror series 50 States of Fright. He is now set to appear in the third installment of the Spider-Man series, which is expected to start filming shortly. 

Batalon has the sort of natural charisma to carry any comedy and provide the laughs, but he’s also proven that he can be dramatic, too. However, when things get funny on set, he’s known to break down laughing, as eagle-eyed Redditors pointed out in a thread. 

Batalon breaks character

One of the new Spider-Man movies’ appeals is that while much of the young cast is in their twenties, they fell right in line with the high school setting. This playful atmosphere makes it seem as much like a high school comedy as it does a superhero movie, and this lighthearted take on the genre means a lot of funny people come to set. 

In one particular Far From Home scene that involves a serious evacuation amidst an attack by MysterioBatalon appears to lose it thanks to the pairing of Martin Starr and JB Smoove, who still play the scene for laughs. If fans pay attention to Batalon, while everyone else is in a mood of panic, he’s doing everything that he can to keep from laughing. 

Sometimes, these types of moments can be distracting, but to many, it’s a testament to how fun the cast and crew are having while doing these larger-than-life projects. 

Fans on Reddit appreciated this aspect. 

The fans chime in

Fans on Reddit, giving their insights into what it means to them. User u/jpacerox loved how it showed the type of loose environment that let these movies thrive. 

“They had so much fun filming these movies. The blooper reels are hilarious.”

Meanwhile, u/KaijuRizard sarcastically mocked people offended by such things, claiming that the entire movie was ruined. 

“Great, now the movie is unwatchable, thx for ruining the fun /s.”

U/cowpool 20 saw it as an act of a higher power that a scar appears to cover his face when he breaks most egregiously. 

“He’s lucky the scarf blew in front of his face at the perfect moment.”

Others, like u/noodeloodel acknowledged that while this was likely an accident, keeping it in worked for the character.

“That’s probably how they could justify leaving it in. “He’s breaking but it kinda looks like he’s looking around, so f*** it.”

Every movie has mistakes that people overlook. However, sometimes those mistakes add to the mystique around the production. Whatever the case may be, Batalon’s apparent break is a delightful addition to a well-loved movie. Hopefully, in the third film, Batalon can bring the laughs again. 

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