Spoilers: Emmerdale boss reveals huge aftermath for Cain and Moira after blast

Emmerdale has unleashed an exciting behind the scenes video following the underwater stunts with Moira and Cain Dingle (Natalie J Robb and Jeff Hordley) and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter). Scenes saw Cain save Moira from underwater before the boat then exploded – and a lot of work went into the spectacular sequence.

Boss Jane Hudson said: ‘We are doing a year’s culmination of a big story. We have a boat and there’s going to be explosions!’

She wasn’t wrong! The cast revealed the tricks of the trade with the camera work to make it seem like they were filming in the centre of the lake while having a fight. The team also showed how drones were used to catch some of the scenes as well – but not everything went to plan as Jeff at one point fell into the lake by accident.

You know what they say – never film with children, animals or lakes!

The team then headed with director David Kester and some divers to a tank in Basildon to film underwater – and they had to be held down with rocks in their pockets. At 31 degrees, it was described as a nice bath – which we’re not sure if the characters of Cain, Nate and Moira would agree with.

Natalie said: ‘You can’t see anything in the water!’

Tonight’s episode saw all three come away unscathed but there is more drama and heartbreak to come. The prospect of Cain and Moira’s marriage surviving this disaster is pretty slim and then there’s also the matter of Nate’s paternity.

Can Cain get his head around the fact that he is his son – and will Faith (Sally Dexter) come clean about what she knows?

With everything out in the open, Cain has a lot to process – so the explosions, at least the metaphorical ones, might be far from over for this long suffering couple.

Revealing what’s to come, Jane added: ‘It’s a very messy time for Cain, Moira and Nate and the fallout will be huge!’

Jeff added: ‘Where this goes from here, who knows? This is big stuff for Cain!’

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